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Simple Menu Environment

Point of Sale Software

It all starts here on the Main page. From here on, a multitude of tools and procedural steps, in easy to follow diagrams and layouts, follow at the touch of your finger.

Simple Menu is SRM compatible

Simple Menu Modules

4 Ordering Modules

  • Table Order for Dining
  • Phone Orders for Deliveries and Take Out
  • Counter Orders for Quick Sales
  • Guest Orders for Regular Customers

Other Modules

  • Inventory
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Punch Clock
  • Points Program
  • Gift and Prepaid Cards

Functions Unique to Simple Menu

  • Trilingual: English, French or Spanish (per employee)
  • Charged to the client account
  • Access your data through Excel (create your own analyses)
  • Split and join orders
  • Print directions on delivery order receipts

Simple Menu Features

Menu Features

  • Unlimited Groups and Items
  • 6 Reusable Sub Menus
  • 4 Taxes per Item
  • Menu Recipes with Quantity Usage
  • 5 Kitchen / Bar Printers
  • Display Groups and Items by Time
  • Item Price by Module
  • Package Price - 4 Items for 1 Price
  • Open Quantity and Open Price

Other Features

  • Table Setup like your Restaurant
  • Order Style, i.e., Delivery, Take Out, Here, To Go
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Detailed Servers Authorizations
  • 10 Payment Methods
  • Quick Payment
  • Fast Login
  • Caller ID for Phone Orders
  • Transfer Orders of Table easily
  • Split Orders
  • Divide Items for Split Orders
  • Delay for Kitchen Orders
  • Add Tips to Receipt
  • Scrolling Messages for Servers
  • Integration to Microsoft MapPoint to find Directions for Deliveries
  • Second Half for Half and Half Items
  • Limitations of Zip and Postal Codes
  • Tracking of Logins, Items and Tables Transfers, Inventory Receipts and Zip and Postal Codes Refused
  • Support most POS Equipment
  • Customizable Invoice and Reports
  • New Guest orders
  • Punch in/out
  • Inventory check
  • Reports



>> Demo for Simplemenu 6



Simple Menu Snapshot - Tables Layout
Tables Layout
Simple Menu Snapshot - Place Order Page
Place Order Page
Simple Menu Snapshot - Split Receipt Page
Split Receipt Page
Simple Menu Snapshot - Payment Page
Payment Page
Simple Menu Snapshot - New Guest Order Page
New Guest Order Page
Simple Menu Snapshot - Phone Order Page
Phone Order Page
Simple Menu Snapshot - Punch In/Out Page
Punch In/Out Page
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