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Technical Support

We're here to assist you with any technical challenges!

Support is available to all Simple Menu owners. Your reseller or us will provide you the support you need within 24 hours.

The full training you'll get when you buy the software will be of tremendous help to you with its detailed information and hands-on training.


Your first choice of support should be your reseller. Your reseller will know your business and your POS equipment better. If this option is not available to you for some reason, then you can purchase a support package from us. Call us for details.

Phone: (450) 973-2227
Phone: (866) 973-2227
For General Inquiries:
For Sales Inquiries:

Support FAQ's

Automation error or crash on Reports Screen

A calendar usually appears when you click on a report. If you get an error when you select a report then it means the calendar is not registered on your PC. Usually the problem occurs after installing different software using the same calendar but a different version. To easily fix this problem install Microsoft Word.

Lost Receipts or Orders

A crystal report screen appears very quickly when you print a receipt, order or any reports. This screen appears in the middle of your screen and it's about 2 X 3 inches. The screen only contains a cancel button. If you click very quickly on the button you will cancel your report.

Long POS report

If your POS report is too long then you need to change your Microsoft Windows printer settings. In the control panel, right click on properties on your printer. In Devices Settings, change "cont feed no break" to "N/A", change "cut sheet" to "N/A" and keep "cont feed" with break to "letter".

Full Training

Simple Menu - Full Training

When you purchase the Simple Menu software, we provide you with complete training, to enable you to start using it in your business right away.

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